Admiring the Adriatic Sea Horizon

by Blue Sham-Rock Trio

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Blue Sham-Rock Trio is

Riccardo "Rocca" Fiorucci: drums.
Raffaele Bazurli: electric guitar.
Lorenzo Cannelli: voice, bass guitar, piano, rhodes piano, organ, flugelhorn.

Lots of friends have supported us playing in this record, making such an achievement possible:

Amedeo Ambrosini: trumpet.
Paolo Acquaviva: trombone.
Francesco Pierotti: alto and tenor sax.
Giordano Biccheri: sax solo in "the pacific conquest of the sun".
Michele Fondacci: various percussions and xilophone.
Andrea Benedetti: various percussions.
Chiara Pompei: female voice in "a sunday in caracas"
Damiano de Santis: classical guitar in "the pacific conquest of the sun".

Recorded/Mixed during the warmest week of August 2011 by David Giacchè @ Antica Bottega Digitale (Gubbio/Perugia) and PressLab Records (Arezzo).
Mastered @ Abbey Road Studios (London).

We profoundly believe that music consumption should as free as possible.

You can download the EP for free.
All the eventual donations will be invested in this project.
We hope to efford the physical release (vinyl, CD) very soon.

So far, no record label has been involved.
Please, support us and we will seek to support independent music.


released February 24, 2013

Words and music by L. Cannelli and R. Bazurli
Graphic and artwork by Lello.
BC cover picture by Riccardo Ruspi.



all rights reserved


Blue Sham-Rock Trio Gubbio, Italy

we are riccardo, lorenzo and raffaele.

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Track Name: A Sunday in Caracas
It’s Sunday evening
And I’m waiting for you,
It’s raining cats and dogs,
But you don’t arrive.

I’m sick and tired of waiting for you,
I take my car,
I’ll go to drink something.

A double whiskey for me
And a half for my dog,
I don’t worry
About the rest of the world.

I can hardly believe my eyes
The man you are cuddling
Is not me.

And I love you and I hate you,
I may kiss you, I may shoot you.
Tell me if you love me or if you hate me baby.
I would give my life for you,
Would you give a cent for me?
Tell me if you want me.

You say to me: «He’s just a friend».
I think it’s one more
Fuckin’ lie.

Yo te quiero, mi amor,
Ciegamente, mi amor,
No hay mentiras,
Track Name: The Key to Light the Sun
While I am walking in a colourful wood,
I see a talking oak, she appears so blue,
She tells me: «I’ve lost my golden leaves,
Help me».

«How can I help you, my sweet little oak?
I’m just a man with a flying silver horse»
«Don’t worry lovely man,
You can be useful to me,

Ride the rainbow with your silver horse
And take the key for a better world
A nasty man has stolen it,
The key to light the Sun,
The key to light the Sun».

«I’m glad to help you, I’m ready to go,
I’ll take the key and the sun will shine for you,
The grey and nasty man will die through my sword».

«My kind-hearted man, I know how to thank you.
You are so different from other men,
I will blow to you my precious wind
Help me».
Track Name: Me and the Sherpa on K2
I’ve always loved this road,
And this edge, I can’t look over it,
Anyway I’ll go straight on,
On the road of my love.

Sweet path under my feet and under my skin,
Smell of flower, taste of honey,
It’s a miracle to be here with you,
On the road of my love.

Love me, Love me.
Don’t be afraid of our world,
We can look at the horizon of this sea,
Sitting on the beach of my heart.

Love me, love me.
Don’t be afraid of our world,
We can look at the horizon of this sea,
Sitting on the beach of your heart.

Keep on walking on this road, I wanna do it,
Her lips are waiting for me,
I don’t need any Sherpa,

I’m waiting for the sun, playing my guitar,
I’m singing songs for you,
I hope you’ll hear my music,

Now I can see the rainbow between your mountains,
I’m walking through the valley,
I feel your breath on me.

I touch your lips, you touch my lips,
It’s so fantastic.
Track Name: Croissants
The sun is shining,
And I put on my tie,
My tea is ready,
I’ll go to buy some croissants.
I look outside,
The birds are singing for me
I take my bike,
My quince appears so green.

I meet a pretty woman,
She’s smiling to me.
«Good morning honey,
I’m going to the baker,
Please come with me,
I’m going to have breakfast».
She kisses my cheek,
A flower blooms for us.

What a sunny day in my life.
I think it’s so easy to find the way of joy.
No more sorrow, no more clouds in my sky,
The happiness is sitting with me on my bike.

I get back home,
The lunch is on the table,
I drink my cider,
My song is on the radio,
I pet my dog,
My pipe is smoking for me
I kiss my mom,
White clouds smile to me.
Track Name: The Pacific Conquest of the Sun
Every night I fly with you
through the stars,
Every time I wake up
you look like a princess, baby.
Com’ on take my hands,
Feelings everywhere,
Open up your wings,
Whisper my destination.

I’ll find my destination
If you are my inspiration
Darlin’ you are my star,
My nation, you.

Happiness is sadness
If you are not my queen,
I will be a king
My karma will be positive
Glory is not far
Open up your heart
Share your sun with me
Whisper my destination.